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EE is the best UK mobile network, claims latest study

EE has come out firmly on top of a RootMetrics study which aimed to gauge mobile broadband performance across the UK.

The research, entitled the RootScore Report, collected some 840,000 samples from everywhere across the UK, testing a range of conditions, both indoors and outside, and while driving (or while someone else was driving, rather).

EE came out very well, with a total score (“RootScore”) of 84.6 for overall performance, the headlining category. That was well ahead of Three on 73.5, the network in second place. O2 was third on 66.5, and Vodafone brought up the rear on 52.4 – a worrying gap at the back there for Voda.

In fact, EE won every category, although it came top in the overall rankings by such a margin mainly due to its speed – and of course, the fact that the network managed to get a considerable head-start on its 4G rollout (which it has kept pushing forwards with).

In the Network Speed category, EE hit a score of 102.4, way ahead of O2 on 75.9, Voda on 72.9, and Three on 69.0. Incidentally, this was the only category Vodafone didn’t come last in.

Network Reliability is where Three did well, being close to EE, but just pipped by a score of 77.7 to 74.2, with O2 on 59.1, and Vodafone way behind on 40.2.

Despite the size of the study, it’s obviously difficult to meaningfully evaluate the entire picture of mobile broadband in the UK. However, this is a major one, and there’s no other way to paint it – this was a very good study for EE’s reputation, and a very poor one for Voda.

Bill Moore, RootMetrics CEO and President, commented: “These results give UK consumers and businesses the most accurate view of mobile performance in the UK that has ever been made available. From nation to neighbourhood, people now have access to data showing them the best network in their area.”

“No other study of this size and scale for mobile performance has ever been carried out before in the UK, and it has, for the first time, shown consumers the true services they are receiving from their network provider.”