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Flappy Bird to make “surprise” return to app stores?

In the least surprising piece of news of the day, Flappy Bird could be returning from the grave after the game’s creator admitted that he is “considering” releasing the retro game once again.

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In an interview with Rolling Stone, Dong Nguyen admitted that the original Flappy Bird could be re-released but that any future release will come with an added note of caution.

“I’m considering it,” said Nguyen when asked if Flappy Bird could be released again, although it won’t be a new version and it will come with a “warning” that states “please take a break.”

The article went on to explain that the millions that downloaded Flappy Bird are still generating him thousands of dollars in ad revenue, enabling him to quit his job, buy a Mini cooper, an apartment and get his hands on his first passport.

Another three games are on the way in the coming months with one an untitled cowboy shooter, another a vertical flying game called Kitty Jetpack and lastly Checkonaut, which he calls an “action chess game”.

Nguyen first released Flappy Bird on 24 May 2013 and it didn’t start to gain any traction until around eight months later when it hit the top of the mobile game charts in 100 countries and saw some 50 million downloads.

At the height of its popularity the app was making $50,000 [£30,000] each day in ad revenue and Nguyen made true on its threat to take it down from the Google Play and Apple App Store on 10 February as he couldn’t cope with the unwanted attention.

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After taking the app down from the respective stores, smartphones turned up on eBay for sale on eBay that had the game installed with prices escalating to as high as £150,000, and the popularity is likely to remain if and when the app is re-released.