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The business traveller’s pre-departure checklist

Going away on a business trip? There are quite a few things you don’t want to forget to take with you, or forget to do, before you leave. Heaven forbid you find yourself in a foreign land – or indeed Scunthorpe – without your laptop charger, or “Don’t Panic” towel. Here’s our pre-departure checklist for business travellers…

Check that your hardware – laptop, tablet and/or phone – has all the software you'll need, and things like chargers. Don’t forget accessories – you don’t want to have your tablet and realise you’ve left your docking keyboard behind.

If you're taking a digital camera, round up your memory cards, and offload old photos from them (they’re no good if they’re full).

If you’re taking important files on, say, a laptop, back them up somewhere else – perhaps take them on a USB stick, or better still, store them in a cloud storage locker (SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and so forth). Even if you laptop packs in while you’re away, you’ll still have access to those crucial files.

Connect all your devices before you pack. This will ensure that you haven't forgotten any necessary cables – which can be expensive, inconvenient, or downright impossible to replace on the road.

Before your trip, make sure all the batteries in the gear you’re taking are fully charged. A spare battery isn’t a bad move for devices which allow battery-swapping, too.

If you’re going to a foreign country with different plugs, don’t forget to take a travel adapter so you can plug in and charge your devices.

Do your research before you leave. If hotel personnel casually tell you they have Internet access, don't believe them. Always check, and find out the cost and the speed. Email them to clarify things. If a hotel is unresponsive, look elsewhere.

Go online and look up Wi-Fi hotspots in the town you're visiting. These may be anything from coffee shops to hotel lobbies. Note where they are.

Set an auto-respond message for your email, so people don't think you're ignoring them when you’re away.

Make a list of everything you've packed and store it on your phone, tablet, computer, and in your desk drawer. It'll save you time when you pack for your next trip.

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