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Vodafone slams “inconsistent” RootMetrics report

Vodafone has slammed a report that ranked it as the UK’s worst mobile network compared to the country’s other prominent mobile networks.

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The study, carried out by RootMetrics, was called out by Vodafone as “inconsistent” and “not fully impartial,” with the company pointing to a similar report released by Ookla as being much more reliable.

"We cannot take the results of this report seriously and neither should our customers," a spokesperson for the operator said in a statement provided to TotalTele. "The evidence we have seen of how Root Metrics conducted some of its tests leads us to believe that they were carried out in an inconsistent manner," the spokesperson added, before advising customers to read reports from other independent researchers "such as Ookla".

RootMetrics' study looked looked at the UK’s four mobile networks and produced a “RootScore” that took into account voice calls, mobile Internet quality, reliability and speed then ranked each company with a score from one to 100. EE came out on top with 84.6, Three was runner up with 73.5, O2 was awarded a score of 66.5, and Vodafone got the wooden spoon with a score of 52.4.

The Ookla Net Index report mentioned by Vodafone also saw it come out in third best when it came to mobile broadband download speeds and another comparison service, Open Signal, also ranked Vodafone in third with both agreeing that EE is currently top of the pile.

Matthew Howlett, telecoms regulation analyst at Ovum, did point out that although EE is enjoying the benefits of its network investment, Vodafone could be about the bust the doors wide open with a wave of new investment.

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"They too have ambitious plans for network upgrades which are being delivered through Project Spring," Howett said. "Some of the early results of this are probably not being captured in this first ranking from RootMetrics."