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Hackers use fake MH370 rescue story to spread malware

Scammers are using the tragedy of the disappeared Malaysian Airlines passenger jet Flight MH370 to infect Facebook users with malware.

The latest scam comes in the form of posts bearing the title: "Malaysia Plane MH370 Has Been Spotted Somewhere Near Bermuda Triangle. Shocking Videos Release Today".

This is despite Bermuda being nearly 10,000 miles away from the last point of contact with flight MH370.

The ostensible video is accompanied by apparent stills showing a number of aircraft being rescued from the ocean, although none of them bear Malaysian Airlines insignia.

Users who click on the video are prompted to like the hackers' page on Facebook, before being coaxed into downloading system-infecting malware.

If you've shared or "liked" the link, it's probably best to delete the malware-spreading post from your Facebook wall, in case your friends end up infected. If you clicked "download", we recommend running a full malware scan with a reputed antivirus. Several antivirus companies also allow you to perform free scans online.

You can also get Avast 2014 and Malwarebytes for free.

This isn't the first time tragedies have been used to spread malware. Any high-profile public event immediately becomes a target for malicious hackers seeking to capitalise from people's increased interest in a news story.

Back in February, a brand new form of malware began exploiting the death of The Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker back to spread malware among its victims.

Flight MH370 has still not been found, with theories about its disappearance ranging from the reasonable to the absurd.

We at ITProPortal took a look at the facts, and examined some of the suggestions that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was downed or hijacked using a cyber attack.