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Mobile app of the day: OfficeSuite Pro 7

Not many people can get away from the need to work with Microsoft Office files. They come flying at us from all directions, including from work, from friends, and from all manner of other contacts.

Sometimes you really need to look at a Microsoft Office file, to edit one or create one from scratch when all you have to hand is your phone. There are plenty of apps that allow you to create and edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents, and it is worth shopping around to find one that suits you well. OfficeSuite Pro is tried and tested – it is often bundled on Android handsets.

If you have not been provided with OfficeSuite Pro 7, then the £6 asking price might be worth stumping up. For your money you get the ability to create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, and to read PDF files. Importantly, cloud support for the leading providers is integrated so you can access files which aren’t on your local storage.

Click here to download OfficeSuite Pro 7 for Android.

Product: OfficeSuite Pro 7

OS: Android

Price: £6