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Titanfall makes stallion83 the first-gamer to achieve 1 million xbox live gamerscore

For some, it takes a lifetime to achieve their goals. For Raymond Cox, it took eight years, and countless video games.

Cox, aka Stallion83, is the first person to reach the 1 million Xbox Live gamerscore—a cumulative count of all "achievements" earned across Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles.

This isn't his first introduction to gamer fame, though. In 2010, Cox earned a Guinness World Record for "highest gamerscore," which, at the time, was a measly 540,563. To put that into perspective, Microsoft revealed three years ago that the average Xbox Live user carries a gamerscore of about 11,300.

"My dad has been keeping track of my million journey for many years now by writing my score on a legal paper daily," Cox tweeted alongside a photo of scribbled records.

The Tennessee resident has been documenting his journey via social media for years. He tweeted updates all week as he approached the milestone moment, which officially happened at 2:35 a.m. ET on 13 March. More than 10,000 people tuned in to a Twitch.TV livestream to watch Cox's reaction as his long-time score clicked past 1 million.

A faithful Microsoft console user, Cox long ago earned the attention of Redmond, which joined in the celebration this week—Xbox Live's Larry Hryb was among the first to congratulate Stallion 83 on his achievement.

Unsurprisingly, the title that finally pushed him past the finish line was the just-released Titanfall, played on Cox's white Xbox One console.

Over the years, Cox has developed into something of a celebrity in the gaming world, earning followers and fans, many of whom offered their own congratulations via Facebook and Twitter.

"I've been following your progress since reading the story of you being the first legit 100k gamerscore on x360a," Facebook user Calvin Duc wrote in a comment. "The title of person to earn 1 million couldn't have gone to a better guy."

It is unclear what Cox's next venture will be, but for now, he seems pretty keen on putting the game controller down.

"I can finally watch TV and movies again!" he wrote in a tweet. "You'll sacrifice everything if you want it bad enough."