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Virgin Media launches new cloud storage locker with 5GB free

Virgin Media has launched a new cloud storage locker so subscribers can stick their stuff in the cloud, to get at anywhere.

Every Virgin Media user will get 5GB of free cloud storage for a year, via F-Secure SAFE. F-Secure is a security outfit so there should be no worries on the security front (or at least minimal worries as far as any data in the cloud goes).

Up to 10 people in any given household can sign up for their own account, meaning that in total your home can get itself 50GB of cloud storage (across 10 free accounts).

If you want more, you can get it, but naturally it’s going to cost. In fact you can get up to 500GB of storage (in a single account), but that will cost you £27 per month.

On a more realistic note, 50GB is £4 per month, 100GB is £6, and 250GB is £14 monthly.

In a blog post, Virgin Media noted: “We’re offering a range of tiers to suit the varying storage needs of our customers, enabling customers to store up to 125,000 songs, 700 SD movies or 500,000 photos online.”

Apps for the service are available on Windows and Mac, along with iOS and Android, with a Windows Phone app promised before too long.

An intuitive interface is also promised, making it easy to back up and store files in the cloud. Naturally enough, your content is synced across all devices that you link with your cloud storage account.

Virgin Media also recently introduced its Web Safe parental control system, which is being rolled out to new subscribers first, with existing customers to be contacted about the scheme before the year is out.