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What is G-Cloud and how can it boost your startup?

We chatted with Campbell Williams, the group strategy and marketing director at Six Degrees Group (6DG), to find out about a topic that has generated a lot of interest over the past couple of years: G-Cloud.

Williams told us that G-Cloud is actually quite widely misunderstood. While many consider it to be a precise technology, it is actually a buying framework, whereby government bodies can gain access to hundreds of cloud service providers and their products.

The UK government has a (pretty well-deserved) reputation for poor management of large projects, with many of its grand schemes either going massively over budget or failing to meet expectations. The contracts associated with these also tend to go to the same one or two particularly big players in the IT sector too.

G-Cloud can change this.

Check out our exclusive interview above to learn more about G-Cloud and how it can benefit small UK businesses and startups. .