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Apple’s iPhone 6 update: Pressure, temperature and humidity sensors all landing?

It’s another week, and of course another iPhone rumour has popped up, this one concerning the sensors which will be on board the next-gen smartphone.

Specifically, the iPhone 6 could have temperature, pressure, and humidity sensors on board, according to an electronics analyst by the name of Sun Chang Xu (whose comment was spotted by G for Games, via Mac Rumours).

Apparently the news chief analyst at ESM-China has spoken to the usual inside sources to obtain this information – and also the report noted that the “pressure” sensor in question wouldn’t be a health-related (i.e. blood pressure) sensor, but that the iPhone 6 would be gauging atmospheric pressure. So Siri’s (short-term) local weather predicting skills could be augmented along those lines…

Indeed, the iPhone 6 will be expected to be bristling with various sensors – and given the S5’s move into health (with a heart-rate sensor for starters), and the serious growth predicted in the digital health and fitness market, we’d be surprised if we didn’t see a lot more health-related kit on board Apple’s next smartphone.

In another piece of iPhone 6 gossip, The News Tribe also bunged up a concept render of the next-gen iPhone which was spotted online. The leaked image supposedly indicates the general “design and size” of the device, but you’ll need a bucketful of salt (and then some) to go with that claim. See the shot below – it actually shows no bezel whatsoever on the side of the screen.

While this is fanciful to say the least, previous mock-ups, such as this one from last week, have shown an ultra-thin bezel on the sides – and this would certainly help to give the iPhone a slick new aesthetic.

Image Credit: The News Tribe