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Flickr gets third extensive makeover since Mayer’s arrival

Yahoo is on the verge of releasing yet another redesign for its Flickr photo sharing service in the next few weeks in a clear attempt to try and wrest back market share in the increasingly competitive market.

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Re/code has seen images of the new version of Flickr and confirmed that it gives added prominence to sharing with the Yahoo tool bar above the service being removed.

The photo sharing service, which was redesigned in December 2012 and May 2013, will give more eminence to photos and almost all words will be removed from the site’s main pages.

Coordination between the web and mobile versions has also been tightened up and it now looks like a seamless photo stream with no white space to further demonstrate the new focus on large photographs.

The main page now simply indicates how many followers a user has and various other pieces of information simply show up as pieces of floating text.

Sources inside the firm stated that the revamp is due to the lack of adoption amidst heavy competition from the likes of Instagram that has seen it lagging behind on various app store rankings.

Flickr is one of the elder statespersons of the photo sharing space and it celebrated its 10th birthday on February 10 and a blog post from the firm stated that it now has almost two million groups and its users share approximately a million photos every day.

CEO Marissa Mayer has been one of the main drivers of various updates to Flickr as well as the release of a version for Android and the increasing of each user’s free storage limit to 1TB. Mayer also engineered the capture of Google executive Bernardo Hernández to lead the photo sharing service in the coming years.