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Google Chromecast UK launch scheduled for 19 March

It seems that we’ll finally get to play with the Chromecast in the UK this week, as its release date is this Wednesday, according to the latest leak on the matter.

Yes, the official date of UK availability is 19 March, according to a leaked screen grab from Dixons which reveals said information.

The screenshot, spotted by Android Police, clearly states the official launch date, and the fact that Dixons stores started to receive stock last Friday, so they’ll be well stocked up come the big day.

The Dixons product launch information clearly states that the Chromecast will go on sale at 9am Wednesday morning, and that it’s protected by an NDA until then. This leak does look like the real deal, and of course ties in with the announcement at SXSW last week that the Chromecast would go on sale in March.

Unfortunately, there’s no mention of a retail price, but we’ve previously said it’s likely to be pitched at the £35 mark, and we’ve heard several mentions to that effect on the net since we wrote our last story on the Chromecast a week ago.

The Chromecast has been available in the US since last summer, so we’ve certainly waited long enough for the HDMI streaming dongle. The Dixons blurb also notes that this is “one of the biggest products this year from Google.”

Another option, however, is its Roku rival – see our Roku Streaming Stick versus Google Chromecast streaming media showdown.