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HTC Sense 6.0 interface gets leaked running on HTC One

As you may be aware, HTC is planning on unveiling the new HTC One (previously codenamed the M8) on 25 March, with the company’s new version 6.0 of its Sense Android skin on board.

However, Sense 6.0 has just been shown in a leaked YouTube video (and not for the first time) which was spotted by Expert Reviews (with the UI running on the current HTC One which is about to be replaced by the new flagship – but may remain on sale as a cheaper model).

The video clip, which lasts for just over three minutes, goes over quite a few different areas of the interface, delving into the Settings menu to look at a number of different options – some dull, like font sizes, and others much more interesting such as “Motion Launch Gestures,” for example double tapping the screen to wake the handset (not that this is a new development – LG already has this on its phones).

BlinkFeed isn’t shown, but in our recent rumour roundup of everything we know about the upcoming HTC One successor, we discussed how BlinkFeed will have quite a number of extra features and content channels in Sense 6.0.

We’ll get to see the full reveal a week tomorrow, anyway, but meantime this YouTube video is certainly worth watching (at least before it gets squashed by HTC – which might happen soon).