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Mobile app of the day: MyScript Calculator

For a lot of us, maths can be a challenge. Have you ever had to add a couple of figures together and floundered? What about working with a longer list of numbers such as, say, taking the bill for lunch and dividing it equally between seven people because you have all agreed to share the total cost rather than pay separately. Ugh!

While you could always resort to your handset’s built-in calculator for such tasks, MyScript Calculator can perform them too. You just write you maths problem to the screen with a fingertip and the answer pops up.

The app is good for simple sums, but really comes into its own with more complex calculations that might need to be broken down into separate steps for a standard calculator. MyScript Calculator makes light work of things like long division, multiplying fractions or even really complex sums involving things like sine and cosine.

There are other strings to this app’s bow, too, such as the ability to find “missing” numbers. Take a look at the screenshot to see what I mean – the blue part is the answer to a maths question that would take longer to work out using a traditional calculator.

Click here to download MyScript Calculator for Android, and here for iOS.

Product: MyScript Calculator

OS: Android, iOS

Price: Free