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Samsung Galaxy Beam 2 is on the way

It seems that Samsung is set to bring out a successor to the original Galaxy Beam phone from a couple of years back.

If you don’t remember this one, it was a very unusual smartphone because it came with a built-in pico projector atop the handset, so you could use it to project presentations (or indeed YouTube videos) wherever you went.

It did reasonably well in our review, but we did have some complaints, including the quality of the actual projector itself, and the old version of Android that came on board the Beam.

While it seems unlikely that Samsung would follow this niche product up, particularly after all this time, it seems that a Beam 2 is coming – according to China’s government database (spotted by Engadget), where it’s listed as model SM-G3858.

There are even images provided – and as you can see above, the picture shows a bump on the rear of the case where the projector is housed. The handset has a rather smart brushed metal finish, too.

Some specs are mentioned – namely a quad-core 1.2GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM, powering a 4.66in display with a resolution of 800 x 480. Not exactly Earth-shattering stuff, then… but of course the main thing for buyers of this handset will be the projector. If Samsung has managed to improve this by some measure, then it could be a tempting proposition for those who could benefit from giving presentations from their smartphone.

Of course, while it may be due out in China, it remains unclear whether the Beam 2 will make it to the UK, anyway.

Image Credit: Engadget