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Sennheiser launches new range of Bluetooth headsets for business

Sennheiser has announced the release of a new range of premium Bluetooth headsets aimed at business professionals.

The Mobile Business Series Pro (MB Pro) range boasts HD audio, and are designed to be lightweight and portable to enable them to be easily packed along with your other gadgets on a business trip. The MB Pro 1 is the monaural offering, the MB Pro 2 the binaural model.

Impressive levels of sound quality are promised, and the series benefits from an “ultra-noise-cancelling” microphone which effectively cuts out background noise using a single-channel noise reduction system.

The MB Pro 2 (pictured) also has an interesting additional feature which goes by the name of “Room Experience,” and is supposed to ensure that a caller will be given the impression that they’re talking to the headset wearer in the same room. You can switch this off, though, if you’re not keen, but Sennheiser claims that this new tech is “ground-breaking,” so presumably you won’t want to.

Another feature worth mentioning is ActiveGard, which is hearing protection tech that protects the user from things such as sudden loud bursts of sound. Comfort is also promised with the MB Pro Series, and around 15 hours’ worth of talk time.

Jane Craven, Director of Sennheiser Telecoms Sales, said: “Today’s business professionals have to deliver the highest quality work and be ever more time-efficient in the face of multi-platform work environments and frequent travel commitments. The MB Pro Series meets all these different requirements with outstanding sound quality, simple call management and complete comfort.”