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The future of wearable technology: Mainstream adoption predicted within 10 years

The UK's first ever dedicated wearable technology event, the Wearable Technology Show, has kicked off at London's Olympia conference centre in West Kensington.

Opening the show, Intel chief evangelist and futurist Steve Power Brown outlined three key trends he predicts will accelerate the development of the wearables market.

According to Brown, the next decade will see wearable technology hit the mainstream, driven by the continued rise of smaller computers, larger data volumes, and more natural communication with devices.

"Computers are getting smaller and smaller, so they're getting closer and closer to our finger tips, our nerve endings and our brains...our shoes, a coffee cup or our bodies," he said.

Brown continued: "Computers are [also] becoming more natural. We're now in the era of touch, where we'll have to generate a whole new language to communicate with our devices."

Envisaging that the big breakthroughs necessary to prompt widespread consumer adoption would occur in the next 10 years, he added that the current hysteria surrounding wearables was misguided.

"This decade is going to be huge," he said. "Humans have been putting things on their bodies for thousands of years. Wearable technology is nothing new, it's just that now it is connected."

"Technology is just technology: what matters is what you can do with it," Brown concluded.

The Wearable Technology Show takes place 18-19 March and you can follow all the action with us on our live blog.

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