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Satya Nadella will introduce Microsoft Office for Apple’s iPad next week

It seems that Satya Nadella is all set to introduce Microsoft Office to Apple’s iPad next week.

Nadella is scheduled to host a press event in San Francisco on 27 March, where the new CEO will discuss Microsoft’s “mobile first, cloud first” strategy – and sources who spoke to The Verge said that this event would see the introduction of Office for iPad.

As you’re probably aware, an iPhone Office app emerged last summer, so this is the natural progression – and a far more important move from a productivity stance, as an iPad can be used for some real office work, particularly when paired with a good keyboard accessory.

The Verge’s sources claim that the iPad version will be similar to the iPhone app, with a similar interface and feature set – and it will require an Office 365 subscription, just like the iPhone version.

Of course, Apple gives its iWork suite away free with iPads these days, so it’s debatable exactly how useful the Office app will be, given that it’s tied up with the requirement of a 365 subscription. Looking at the iPhone version’s reviews on iTunes doesn’t exactly fill you with hope, either – it achieves a sad two-star average and cops some serious flaming about glitches.

Still, the more places Microsoft can get Office, the better – for users and Redmond alike.