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Tech News Weekly Podcast 9: CeBIT 2014, Snowden's SXSW keynote, and social logins for airlines

Joining Wayne Scott on the podcast this week are Alysia Judge, Paul Cooper, Ben Chai and Aatif Sulleyman.

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First up, Here Paul Cooper talks about Edward Snowden's recent keynote at SXSW, and what it tells us about security, encryption and the post-Snowden world. He also wades in on the possibility of a possible Snowden pardon somewhere in the future.

Alysia Judge is up next, highlighting the latest developments in the Internet of things, and social logins for airlines. How can social logins help increase engagement with your business by up to 90 per cent? Find out here.

We then take a look in the latest developments in , as Ben Chai and Aatif Sulleyman tell us about the importance of how startups like RealNetworks are changing the landscape of mobility and the cloud.

Finally, James Laird phones in from Hanover to bring us up to speed with developments at CeBIT 2014, with all the news from David Cameron's visit to Steve Wozniak and Jimmy Wales's keynotes.

Articles up for discussion:

Edward Snowden at SXSW: "They're setting fire to the future of the Internet"

Are social logins the key to unlocking the internet of things?

How startups, video, mobility and the cloud restored RealNetworks

CeBIT 2014: All the news, keynotes, and analysis from Hannover