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Three cancels unlimited 3G and 4G tethering for new customers

Three has brought an end to unlimited 3G and 4G tethering on its service for new customers in order to stop one per cent of users abusing the privileges that unlimited tethering offers.

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The mobile operator changed its tariffs to offer new data allowances ranging from 500MB to 2GB when it comes to tethering and even those signing up to all-you-can-eat data tariffs will only be allowed to tether up to 2GB a month.

"A small percentage of customers were taking advantage of the tethering benefits, using up to 2TB of data a month, making it unfair for the other 99 per cent," said a Three spokesperson, according to TrustedReviews.

Under the new plan, customers with data plans that include 500MB, 1GB or 2GB of data can allow 100 per cent of it to be used for tethering and it’s the all-you-can-eat customers that have been hit hardest with the 2GB limit.

It’s being speculated that Three will unveil various options for those wanting to add more tethering to plans but it will come at an extra cost on top of the contract price itself.

Three also announced that its One Plan is becoming SIM-only, Wired UK reporting that the One Plan “will no longer be available for contract handset sales,” and current One Plan customers will have to move to a different tariff at the end of a contract.

The network did, however, soften the blow of the loss of unlimited tethering by making it free to call 0800 numbers on its pay monthly plans and 084 and 087 numbers will be charged at just 5p per minute from here forwards.

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Three was the final UK network to start offering its customers 4G LTE services and launched with the added benefit that customers with 4G enabled handsets would be able to receive the service at no extra cost. It will hope that this offer will enable it to keep customers on board that will be frustrated at the removal of unlimited tethering.