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Dropbox snaps up chat software outfit Zulip

Dropbox has picked up startup Zulip, a firm which produces a business chat service.

However, the chat service – which is being developed for multiple platforms, with apps on Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as iOS and Android – is still very much in the early stages, with only a private beta having been conducted thus far.

The software allows users to send out public messages, or keep them private, and is also designed to organise messages under different topic headings – such as “design” or “engineering” – with further subsections, all to make for easier searching through messages. Efficient messaging and searching is the order of the day, basically.

News of this acquisition isn’t actually public yet, and it comes from an email from Zulip which TechCrunch got hold of (via Cloud Pro), which read: “Dropbox is acquiring Zulip. We’re incredibly excited about working with an awesome group of people on a problem with a huge scale, at a company that’s as passionate as we are about helping people work together efficiently.”

In the email, Zulip then went on to assure current users that it would remain business as usual despite the acquisition, but that Dropbox integration would be coming down the road.

Last month, Dropbox came under fire for rewriting its terms and conditions in an attempt to better place the company to more easily defend itself from legal action.