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Google Chromecast: Now on sale in the UK for £30 at Currys and PC World

It seems that the leak we reported on earlier this week was spot-on, and Google’s Chromecast has indeed gone on sale in the UK today.

So if you’ve been waiting patiently for the best part of the last year – since the Chromecast was pushed out in the States – you need wait no longer for your dongle streaming goodness.

And the price, you ask? We were expecting a direct conversion from $35 to £35 our money, but as it happens, Currys is flogging Google’s device for £30. For once, we’re not being completely ripped off when it comes to the currency conversion (just somewhat ripped off).

In fairness, the £30 price tag leaves the Chromecast looking pretty good value compared to the rival Roku Streaming Stick, which tips the scales at £50 (and is only on pre-order right now).

You might want to check out our Roku Streaming Stick versus Google Chromecast streaming media showdown in which we discuss the relative value and merits of these two devices.

Of course, it seems as if Amazon will have its own streaming dongle on the market early next month – although that’ll be in the US. How long the device will take to come to the UK is another matter (but if the Chromecast is any sort of yardstick, it’ll be 2015).