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Ex-Microsoft employee arrested for leaking Windows 8 and RT secrets to blogger

An ex-Microsoft employee is facing legal charges over his alleged passing of Redmond company secrets to a blogger in France.

Alex Kibkalo is a Russian national who worked for Microsoft in his home country and Lebanon, and the Times of India reports that he has admitted passing Redmond trade secrets to the unnamed French blogger.

The leaks included beta software such as early versions of Windows 8 RT, which ties up with the fact that the blogger was renowned for posting screen grabs of pre-release versions of Windows. (Other sources mention leakage of Windows 7, too, so this was evidently a longer-term thing).

Documents from a Seattle federal court showed that Microsoft had conducted an internal investigation before uncovering the leakage of the confidential material – and the nail in the coffin was an email, found in the blogger’s Hotmail inbox, which was sent by Kibkalo.

Emailing Redmond trade secrets to a Hotmail account probably wasn’t the brightest of moves, Kibkalo may now be reflecting.

In a statement, Microsoft told Reuters: “We take protection of our intellectual property very seriously, including cooperating with law-enforcement agencies who are investigating potential criminal actions by our employees or others.”

The alleged catalyst for Kibkalo’s leakage was apparently poor performance reviews from his Microsoft superiors.