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Google Nexus 8.9 could arrive later this year

Google is reportedly planning on upsizing its Nexus 7 to an 8.9in tablet, according to the latest whispers from the tablet grapevine.

We’ve previously written about the big G planning to upscale to an iPad mini-rivalling 8in slate with the Nexus, but it seems that the firm might be planning to go bigger than this with its super-sizing antics.

This information comes from IHS Technology, the analyst group (via C-net), which said that an 8.9in tablet would be pushed out later this year – and that Google would also refresh the current Nexus 7 once again (although the firm admitted it hadn’t seen any evidence to this effect – it’s just expecting to see a third-gen Nexus 7, as we all are).

Rhoda Alexander, chief tablet bean counter at IHS, said that the 8.9in tablet would be a high-performance model, and that “volume production is expected to start in July or August. The expectation is [that] this will be a lower volume product, carrying a premium price tag to support the specifications.”

So a higher price point is incoming, if all this is correct, and Alexander said she expected a tag of more than $299 (£180 our money – though of course it will tip the scales at far more than this in the UK, and will likely be only slightly cheaper in pounds).

It isn’t unlike Google to push out a more expensive premium product (just look at the Chromebook Pixel), but the Nexus range has traditionally always been about value, with the base models always relatively affordable – so this would be something of an interesting change of tack.

There is, of course, likely to be a market for a larger, super-fast Nexus tablet, and Google is dipping its toes in these waters.

Anyhow, with more rumours and weight getting behind the larger Nexus slate theory, it seems more likely that there will be a Google Nexus 8 or 9 out this summer or autumn.