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Metaio overhauls Junaio AR browser for Android and iOS

Metaio has announced that it has refreshed its Junaio augmented reality (AR) browser for Android and iOS, with the interface getting an overhaul.

The refreshed UI is now friendlier, with a more contemporary design, and has a brand new "visualisation scheme" to better pinpoint the most relevant points of interest around the user.

Metaio also notes that Junaio has been optimised for Google Glass (and similar wearables) since last autumn.

The sort of information Junaio can pop up on-screen as you pan your tablet across the surrounding area (or you glance around with Google Glass, when we have it over here) includes the locations of buildings such as cinemas or cafes, ATM machines, taxi ranks, and the real-time position of buses and trains.

The company boasts that it provides location-based data for almost any place on the planet.

Peter Meier, CTO of Metaio, commented: "The more natural we make AR, the more mobile users will see value and return to the experience. It's clear that the next step for mobile AR is location-based information in devices like Google Glass, and we're looking to the near future in our R&D."

Junaio is a free app which is available on iTunes and the Google Play store.