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Ovivo Mobile MVNO closes down with no warning

Last night there might have been a network outage on EE, but there was a much bigger problem for customers of MVNO Ovivo Mobile – as the network shut its doors with no warning whatsoever.

The Beeb spotted that Ovivo, which piggybacks on the Vodafone network – and offered access for no monthly fee, serving adverts for funding – simply switched the lights out last night, and posted a simple message on its website: "Dear Ovivo Customers, we are very sad to announce that for reasons beyond our control, Ovivo Mobile is closing down on the evening of Wednesday 19 March 2014."

"We'd like to thank each and every one of you for your support and friendship over the last two years."

Well, we'd like to think that friends might not say goodbye quite so abruptly, and indeed as many angry Ovivo users have pointed out, while still taking payments from customers yesterday – including new users signing up for an Ovivo SIM card (pretty much right up until the actual closure, if anecdotal reports on Twitter and the like are to be believed).

If you want to keep your Ovivo number, there's a PAC code request form up on the website – but as Ovivo notes, it could take quite some time for these requests to be fulfilled, as there's going to be a big rush on that today.

If you've recently forked out money to Ovivo via PayPal or credit card, then go contact them and initiate proceedings to try and get your money back now.