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Eric Schmidt should be CEO of the US, says Occupy Wall Street co-founder

One of the co-founders of the Occupy Wall Street movement says that we need political change at the top in the US – and America should be governed by... Google?

Well, Eric Schmidt to be precise. Justine Tunney, who is now a software engineer at Google, has posted up a petition on the White House website asking Obama to resign, and calling for Eric Schmidt to become the "CEO of America."

Tunney claims that from working at Google, she knows that he'd do a good job of running the country. She told the Telegraph: "It's because I'm a Googler, I'm familiar with Eric Schmidt being very good at running a successful organisation. He was responsible for building Google, which is a benevolent corporation that's making the world a better place."

A benevolent corporation? Really? You can call Google many things, but that's a hat that doesn't seem to fit too well on the data slurping giant's head – the company which has often had its "don't be evil" motto called into question in the past few years.

Tunney argues that Schmidt would guide a government that was "more prepared for change."

The petition notes that the current US regime is incompetent, and all government employees should be retired (with full pensions), with Eric instigated as CEO of the US, and all administrative authority transferred to the tech industry.

The petition concludes: "It's time for the US Regime to politely take its exit from history and do what's best for America. The tech industry can offer us good governance and prevent further American decline."

This is, of course, something of a publicity grab as Tunney admits that she wants to "raise awareness of radical solutions."

At any rate, the petition currently has 22 signatures – and we don't really need to make any further comment aside from that.