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HP adds two new products to hasten testing across the cloud and mobile devices

HP has added two new products as part of its Application Lifecycle Management portfolio that are designed to bring a higher class of mobile app and cloud testing to the table.

The two new products, LoadRunner 12 and Performance Center 12, enables organisations to upscale planning and development, decrease the cost of testing and hasten the delivery of applications whilst at the same time continuously reducing potential business disruptions.

“Mobility and cloud challenge organisations to balance time-to-market demands while delivering engaging user experiences that separate them from the competition,” said Bernd Schlotter, senior VP, application delivery management, Software, HP. “By integrating performance and functional testing capabilities earlier into the application life cycle, HP empowers organizations to deliver the innovative mobile, cloud and hybrid software applications that are the engines of business growth with unprecedented velocity and uncompromised quality.”

The new products allow enterprises to save money by giving fast access to large-scale load-generation capabilities in the cloud. They are then able to scale performance-testing resources on flexible cloud platforms according to business and geographic demands.

It also lets firms shrink overheads using an integrated management environment that automatically provisions load generators in the cloud across teams based around the world in order to improve security and control.

Both products decrease disruptions by adding enhanced DevOps capabilities that help to focus testing efforts and improve test results across the app life cycle. Lastly the tools detect and remediate performance issues in advance of them becoming costly to the organisation.

When it comes to mobile apps the new suite allows field tests to be run on mobile devices to extend quality assurance to offline scenarios, lets testers manually test mobile applications faster, improves accuracy and reliability of performance testing, and removes delays and constraints that impede mobile app delivery.

The two products also enhance the user experience by delivering a new UI that can be accessed across different browsers and devices in order to assist IT organisations to become more effective.

HP’s new products are available worldwide from HP and its range of channel partners, and it expects to be able to offer them via SaaS environments from April.

Jamie Hinks
Jamie Hinks

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