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Mobile app of the day: AlarmPad

If you use your handset as an alarm you may well be interested in AlarmPad. At its core is that alarm function which can wake you up in the morning, of course, but there’s a whole lot of added stuff built in here.

If you would like to know about the weather and your day’s upcoming appointments upon waking, this app puts them on screen for you. If you think the detail of your schedule might be too much to take in as soon as you wake up, don’t worry – you can just get the number of appointments and click through to the detail if you want to. AlarmPad will even read this info out to you rather than you needing to read it off the screen. Also, you can set an evening alarm if you’d like a briefing on tomorrow well in advance.

You can set alarms throughout the day, of course, and when you create a calendar event AlarmPad will ask if you’d like an alarm created for it. You can have five alarms active at any one time with the free version. Bluetooth integration means you can dismiss alarms by talking – handy if you are driving. If you liked DashClock which was a recent App of the Day, you might be interested to know that AlarmPad integrates with it.

Click here to download AlarmPad for Android.

Product: AlarmPad

OS: Android

Price: Free