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Symantec gets shot of CEO Steve Bennett

A major change has happened at the top of security firm Symantec, with CEO Steve Bennett being sacked, replaced by Michael Brown who will be an interim CEO while the search for a new chief exec takes place.

Bennett hadn't yet made the two year mark in the role, but clearly, things weren't turning out as the board expected. Symantec didn't give a clear explanation as to exactly why they had parted ways with Bennett – but it did at least say that it wasn't due to any massive faux pas on his behalf.

Chairman of the board Daniel Schulman said: "This considered decision was the result of an ongoing deliberative process, and not precipitated by any event or impropriety."

He also said: "We recognise Steve's contributions to Symantec, including developing and leading a series of successful initiatives focused on organisational realignment, cost reduction and process effectiveness. These changes have helped establish a solid foundation for Symantec's future."

Michael Brown, the chap now temporarily in charge, joined Symantec's board in 2005, and was previously CEO of Quantum Corporation, which doubled its revenue under his stewardship.

Brown said: "With recent key hires, we have a leadership team in place that is capable of accelerating our growth and I look forward to working closely with them to help execute the next phase of the company's transformation plan."