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Twitter's 8th birthday: We revisit our hilarious #FirstTweet moments

What was your first time like? Celebrating its eighth birthday, everyone's favourite bird-themed social network, Twitter, has unveiled a new tool allowing users to relive their first ever tweet.

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We expect that there will be a fair bit of awkward laughter surrounding the daily coffee break, as workers all over the world compare how embarrassing, naive, or just plain boring their first ever tweet was.

To get in the spirit, we've compiled a quick collection of the ITProPortal team's inaugural Twitter activity.

Our founder Andy Evans was an early convert to the social network, signing up and sending out his first tweet way back in June 2007 - just a year after the platform was launched.

ITProPortal as a whole joined Twitter in September 2008, innocuously announcing our arrival in the days before having a social media strategy was considered essential for online publications.

Associate publisher Miles Bulloch was next to jump on the bandwagon, climbing aboard in October 2010 - though he was keen to stress that his new handle didn't represent his first dangerous liaison with Twitter.

Staff writer and all-around gadget guru Alysia Judge was next in line, hopping on in May 2011. Apparently, she was still a bit bemused by the whole phenomenon but, miraculously, didn't send out her first tweet about a game.

I joined the Twitter party (@scavgourmet) a few months later in June 2011 and undoubtedly have the team's most cringeworthy first tweet, contacting the owner of a bespoke London lingerie shop after interviewing her for a hyperlocal blog.

A couple of years on, cloud buff Aatif Sulleyman boldly declared his arrival to the world of microblogging in March 2013, enthusiastically tweeting about his first journalistic freebie - a wholesome bottle of water. You should have seen him at his first buffet lunch...

Our latest recruit Tom Phelan first got his tweet on in April 2013, sharing with the world a new EP that he'd just discovered.

Rounding things out, security man Paul Cooper entered the fray just after his birthday in November 2013 for a good bit of self-promotion. At the time he was reviewing books for a publication in Wales. The now infamous smug face is well in evidence.

Have you looked back on your first tweet yet? If you think it's seriously facepalm worthy, let us know and we may well feature it on ITProPortal! Just hit us up on that Twitter thing or leave a comment below.

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