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Tech News Weekly podcast 10: What's the future of wearable technology?

As the Tech News Weekly podcast reaches double figures, this week we're live from an event that's brand new to 2014: The Wearable Technology Show.

Never before have so many smart-spectacled savants been gathered in one place. By the end of the two day conference our Google Glass count reached well into the twenties, our wrists were strapped to the elbows with every kind of smartwatch you can imagine and we left the Kensington Olympia brimming with excitement over what the future may hold for wearable technology.

So listen in to find out exactly why wearables are going to have a hard time catching on in the consumer market, why we witnessed an argument in the conference loos over Google Glass and why a few years from now computer processor designer ARM believes we'll be powering our devices by harnessing the energy of.... broccoli?

Joining Wayne Scott on the panel this week are Paul Cooper, James Laird and Alysia Judge.

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If you want to see more about what we got up to over the two days, check out our live blog of the event covering the keynotes, our interviews with Cisco, Indiegogo and ARM and our full tally count of the Google Glass wearing delegates.