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Is Apple planning a fanless 12in MacBook Air?

It seems as if Apple is planning to launch a new MacBook Air model with a 12in display which will be completely fanless (and we don't mean that there won't be anybody who appreciates the notebook when it's released).

Currently, Apple offers its super-thin Air in 11in and 13in models, but reportedly an anonymous source has been spilling details about this new variant to the Weiphone forum (via Expert Reviews).

The rumour goes that the 12in MacBook Air will be slimmer still than Apple's current notebooks, and it will be passively cooled – the device will have no moving parts on board whatsoever, ditching the fan which is currently incorporated to keep the Air's innards cool when tackling more intensive computing tasks.

The theory is that this Air model would launch later this year, probably alongside refreshes of the current models, which Apple runs every year. That would certainly make sense.

This isn't the first time whispers about a 12in MacBook Air have been heard – the idea being that it would include a Retina display, like the beefier 13in model, but in a more portable format.

We shall see if this one turns out to be true, but it would be no surprise to find Apple was trying to make its compact laptop not just slimmer, but quieter and slicker.