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LG gets smart: 'Smart Lamp' idea to link up smartphones with homes

LG is bringing the world closer to a connected home through a new smart light bulb that can be controlled using a smartphone as long as a data connection is present.

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A press release from the Korean company detailed the new bulb that claims to help households save up to 80 per cent on energy bills through a bulb that has a life of almost a decade.

LG’s Smart Bulb includes a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection in order to allow it to be controlled by an Android or iOS smartphone and there are a variety of new features that enhance the device.

Security Mode enables the homeowner to switch lights on and off when away from the house to mimic the presence of people and Party Mode sees the bulb’s brightness and blinking adjust itself to the beat of musical input.

LG have also claimed that the bulb can be programmed to blink when you have an incoming call on a smartphone and to turn on slowly in the morning in order to slowly wake up the homeowner.

Each bulb is compatible with Android 4.3 and above as well as iOS 6 or 4, the respective apps allowing customers to maximise light bulb energy efficiency within the home.

LG is by no means the first manufacturer to release a smart bulb with Philips, Belkin and Lumin all having released light bulbs that can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet.

Philips’ Hue light bulb gained significant notoriety in August 2013 when a security researcher showed that a flaw exists that leaves the system prone to a blackout attack by anyone with access to the network.

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There is currently no word on the international availability of the LG smart bulb and LG stated that when it goes on sale in South Korea it would cost 35,000 won [£19].