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Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet priced up and arriving in UK this week

Sony has priced up its Xperia Z2 Tablet for the UK, and the device is now available to order on its website, with shipping set to start this week.

If you want a Z2 Tablet, then it'll set you back £399 for the base 16GB Wi-Fi model. Step the storage up to 32GB, and you're looking at £449, and if you want the LTE model with 16GB of storage, that runs to £499. So it's not cheap, then – equalling the base iPad Air with that starting price – but then, Sony (like Apple) hasn't ever been in the habit of going for cheap.

In fairness, the Z2 Tablet does seem a very high quality affair, and we named it as one of our five favourite devices shown at MWC this year, noting that "you have to actually hold it to appreciate the unreal design feat that has been accomplished here." It's very svelte and well-designed indeed...

You can order the Z2 right now, with delivery currently marked down as 25 or 26 March – tomorrow or the day after. That's for the Wi-Fi-only models, mind, as the LTE version is still only up for pre-order – it's expected to arrive mid-April.

The official Sony store is also offering a number of accessories to go with the tablets, including a premium cover stand for £39, a screen protector for a tenner, and more expensive gadgets such as wireless headphones which start at £199.