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What to expect from the HTC One M8: Will the new flagship be a comeback phone?

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The HTC One was the best smartphone of 2013, fact. The Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple iPhone 5S and Google Nexus 5 were all extremely strong products, but HTC's flagship device was the pick of the lot, taking home top honours at the Global Mobile Awards at MWC, amongst the other accolades it received. Very soon, HTC will pull the cloak on its next premium handset, which we've known by the 'M8' codename over recent months but could end up being dubbed the 'All New HTC One' after its launch.

ITProPortal will be heading over to the official unveiling in West London on 25 March, bringing you live coverage of the event, which will surely prove one of 2014's seminal smartphone bashes. Nothing is set in stone, but based on recent leaks, rumours, and a little bit of educated guesswork, here's what we're expecting from the new HTC One.

Price & availability

Usually, there's a bit of a gap between the launch of a new handset and its general availability. The All New HTC One looks set to buck this trend, with UK retailer Carphone Warehouse recently revealing that the device will be available for purchase immediately following its unveiling. The company said that it expected punters to be able to get their mitts on HTC's latest and greatest from "around 16:00 GMT" at select London stores, including Westfield Stratford, Westfield White City, Oxford Circus, and Tottenham Court Road. Pricing has yet to be confirmed, but we'd expect it to land for between £550-600 SIM-free. It's also rumoured that the 2013 HTC One may be price slashed and kept on as a mid-range alternative.

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One of the HTC One's main selling points was its high-quality, aluminium construction which, frankly, put cheap feeling plastic devices like the Galaxy S4 to shame. The new HTC One is likely to feature the same sturdy-yet-slim chassis, with some leaked photos and videos hinting at a couple of subtle changes. The most noticeable tweak is the potential integration of a fingerprint sensor, which HTC included on its One Max phablet. It's also possible that HTC will introduce more colour options with the new One, including a gold flavour, as the 2013 model only came in two variants.

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The first significant change we're expecting to see on the All New HTC One is an expanded display. Last year's model featured a 4.7in screen, but the rumour mill has hinted that HTC will look to bolster this, with the new device sporting a 5in, 5.1in, or even 5.2in screen. It's likely that HTC's latest handset will still have Full HD resolution, though pixel density will be slightly decreased due to the additional real estate.

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As well as unveiling its new flagship handset, one of the headline announcements at the big HTC launch will be the release of the company's new Android-based interface, Sense 6.0. Sitting on top of Android 4.4 KitKat, the new version of Sense is expected to add more content channels to BlinkFeed, its news, messaging, and social media aggregating home screen, as well as potentially introducing some gesture control features. Speculation also has it that there may be an unskinned, Google Play Edition of the new HTC One in the pipeline, but don't get too excited - Google has yet to launch a Play Edition device in the UK, and we wouldn't expect it to rein in its party pooping ways any time soon.

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One of the HTC One's star features was its awesome 4-"UltraPixel" camera, and the manufacturer's new device looks set to come with even better shooting capabilities. Specifically, the new HTC One is expected to feature a dual-camera setup, which will further improve the handset's low-light snapping and enable users to edit the focal point of a photo after the shot has been taken. The inclusion of two cameras is also likely to pave the way for 3D photos, though this may end up being a fairly unrefined feature in the early days of the product.

Under the hood

Unsurprisingly, the All New HTC One is expected to feature more processing power, with rumours pointing to something along the lines of a Snapdragon 800 chipset clocked at up to 2.5GHz and augmented by either 2GB of 3GB of RAM. A beefy 2,900mAh battery has also been tipped, and the device will almost certainly come with three options for on-board storage - 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

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Because of its sealed aluminium chassis, the HTC One is unlikely to pack integrated wireless charging. However, HTC could get around this with a smart case accessory. This add-on has also been tipped to feature LED lights to display at-a-glance information like the time, weather, and notifications directly on the cover of the protected handset.

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