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Everything you need to know about the HTC One M8

After months of rumours, intrigue, and whispered conversations round the water cooler, the day has finally come. HTC has just pulled the cloak on its brand new flagship smartphone and the world's latest iPhone rival, the HTC One M8.

First impressions: Hands on with the HTC One M8

A lot rode on today's 15:00 GMT unveiling in London. The original HTC One received high praise for its all-metal design and 4.7in screen, which boasted visuals so slick you could slip on them. Not only that, but the Taiwanese company knew that it had to pull a particularly special rabbit out of the hat this time round to boost dwindling profits in an already competitive market.

A lot of details were already snared by the sticky tendrils of the world wide web. The most obvious change is an expanded display of 5in. Under the hood, the new HTC flagship packs a next-gen Qualcomm 801 chipset alongside a hefty 2GB of RAM.

The HTC One's highly commended "UltraPixel" camera also received a glitzy upgrade with a new dual-lens setup that could support 3D photography. On the software side of things, HTC is updating its Sense UI that's layered on top of the Android OS, bolstering it with motion gesture controls and a cleaner interface.

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Update: Now the show is over, check out all our spec comparisons so you can see exactly where the new HTC One M8 comes in the marketplace.

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    We're signing off for a bit folks but stay tuned - our HTC One M8 review is in the pipeline and will be with you shortly!

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    Remember a wee old relic called the HTC One? Rumour has it the Taiwanese manufacturer will soon slash prices on its 2013 flagship. So is it worth the compromise?

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  • 13:29

    One for the real hardware geeks coming up...

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    Do you agree? Follow us @ITProPortal and let us know what you think!

  • 10:18
  • 10:17

    Time for a bit of opinion? I think so

  • 09:54
  • 09:53

    Let the tantrums begin! HTC's president has started slinging mud at rival firm Samsung, slating its Galaxy S5 flagship for its "cheap plastic" design. I wouldn't care to disagree...

  • 09:37
  • 09:37

    How does the HTC One M8 compare to Apple's iPhone 5S? Does the newer device's dual-camera setup give it the edge? We dive deeper and find out.

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    What are the best features of the HTC One M8? We take a closer look to find out.

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    The first teardown of the HTC One M8 has revealed that it's the second worst handset ever for repairability - after 2013 bedfellow the HTC One

  • 12:41
  • 12:41

    Here it is, boys and girls - your handy guide to all the UK's best HTC One M8 deals

  • 12:10

    As well as playing with the HTC One M8's neato camera, we're also busy rounding up all the best UK deals for the new smartphone - watch this space!

  • 10:48

    The big question now is whether a Play Edition HTC One M8 could drop in the UK - we have yet to gain access to such a smartphone, so it seems unlikely Google will mend its miserly ways, but we could be wrong

  • 10:47

    We're hearing that an unskinned Google Play Edition of the HTC One M8 has now dropped Stateside for $699 - about £420 based on a direct conversion, though obviously we know that's a pre-VAT figure that also doesn't account of international premiums.

  • 10:35

    We've just updated our HTC One M8 hands on preview with a full slideshow of photos from last night's launch - check it out!

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    So you're pretty damn impressed by the HTC One M8 but have also heard great things about the Samsung Galaxy S5. Which should you buy? We take a closer look at the differences between the two.

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  • 25 March
  • 17:32

    Are we wrapping up? Like flip are we! If you've had your head buried in an (Apple) orchard the last few hours, scroll down to the relive all the action around the launch of the world's new "best" smartphone, the HTC One M8!

  • 16:57

    But you can still read more: Hands on with the HTC One M8

  • 16:57

    It's light, it's clean, has it got Android Beam? HTC One M8, HTC One M8...OK, the football chant fell at the last hurdle there

  • 16:55

  • 16:54

    For starters, here it is in the flesh....

  • 16:53

    So, what's it like to actually fondle the all new HTC One M8?

  • 16:07

    Also, who can forget the critically-acclaimed original HTC One, which was recently crowned the world's best smartphone? Check out our HTC One M8 vs HTC One specs showdown here. It might just help you decide which smartphone to buy next...

  • 16:06

    When asked what the biggest challenge was in bringing the HTC M8 to market, she smiled and said "Matching the expectations set by the HTC One was always going to be hard. You know, our slogan for this launch has been 'The best just got better', and we put a huge weight of expectation on ourselves to deliver."

  • 16:04

    We just caught HTC's Chairwoman Cher Wang for a quick chat before she was whisked away by her team. She told us "We're immensely proud of the HTC M8, we believe it's another big step on HTC's journey of innovation."

  • 16:02

    Don't fear Samsung fans. We've also knocked up a spec comparison of the One M8 and the slightly less new Galaxy S5. ITProPortal dares you not to salivate.

  • 15:54

    And of course if you're wondering what comes between Google's Nexus 5 smartphone and HTC's new One M8, check out all the specs broken down for you at ITProPortal.

  • 15:52

    Not to mention our full breakdown of the differences between the original award-winning HTC One and the HTC One M8 that just got released. If you're not exactly sure why you should go for the new on, check out our full spec comparison.

  • 15:50

    Well, that's that for the presentation. If you're thinking of buying the HTC One M8, we recommend you read our full spec comparison with the Sony Xperia Z2 first.

  • 15:45

  • 15:42

    While you're waiting for our hands-on verdicts, check out full spec comparisons between the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5.

  • 15:42

    Stay tuned for more details - in the meantime, give us a friendly nudge on Twitter @ITProPortal and tell us exactly what you think of the new HTC One M8. What do you think of the name? Will you be taking advantage of its Duo camera technology? Do you think HTC should have innovated more on the design front? Let us know!

  • 15:39

    A mass exodus is occurring as countless journalists rush towards the Hands On stands - we're going to join the throng and leave some sticky fingerprints all over the HTC One M8's 5in screen.

  • 15:39

    Check out our full spec comparison between the HTC One (M8) and the Apple iPhone 5S. Which should you buy? Find out here.

  • 15:38

    But that's it! The launch is officially over and our ear drums are assaulted once more by some chest pumping beats.

  • 15:37

    Sorry if you live in a sheltered part of the Yorkshire Moors, it's unlikely that you'll be near the 30.

  • 15:37

    That's not just Carphone Warehouse as previously reported - Vodafone also has the all new HTC One M8 available to buy immediately in selected stores

  • 15:36
  • 15:36

    Starting now, you can go into around 30 stores in the UK and buy one.

  • 15:36

    And there it is. Now for the availability.

  • 15:36

  • 15:35

    .... No. Well, at least not yet.

  • 15:35

    Croyle is carefully avoiding mention of 3D shooting ability, but surely a duo camera set up means we could start shooting James Cameron-esque footage on our smartphone? Right? Right??

  • 15:34

    This new Zoe experience will be coming to Sense 6.0 this summer, and Croyle promises more details "soon."

  • 15:33

    You can edit your photos and videos on your phone using Zoe software, creating movies with effects and music on the move.

  • 15:31

    This will create an artistic depth effect where the phone will blurr out things in the background and turn the focus to your subject in the foreground. Great if someone's photobombing your snap.

  • 15:30

    The duo camera will capture detailed depth information on a subject, "creating options which haven't before been possible on a smartphone." Essentially, your smartphone will be able to tell what objects are in the foreground, and what are in the background.

  • 15:29

    It will be a 5 megapixel front-facing wide angle snapper.

  • 15:28

    Croyle: "2013 was the year of selfies, and we're giving you an amazing front-facing camera."

  • 15:28

    The result for the new flagship is higher quality photos with Ultra Pixel technology on its duo camera system.

  • 15:26

    Croyle: "When it comes to photography, HTC challenged the megapixel myth and invented Ultra pixel. The key to performance isn't more pixels, it's bigger pixels."

  • 15:25

    Croyle: "With the HTC One M8, if you hold a ringing phone up to your ear it will automatically answer the call." Thus saving your beautiful new screen from the greasy smear of your swyping thumb.

  • 15:23

    That's kind of like saying in a booming voice "I'm going to take an EXTREEEEEME power nap!"

  • 15:22

    Soon after launch, HTC will be launching a new "Extreme Power Saving Mode"

  • 15:22

    Well, thankfully the HTC One M8 has a 40 per cent longer battery life than the M7.

  • 15:21

    But how are all these features going to work with battery?

  • 15:21

    You also now easily connect your phone to your home sound system in a single swype on the Sense 6.0 interface. That's pretty nifty.

  • 15:20

    The speaker chambers have been redesigned for 25 per cent louder audio with much clearer depth.

  • 15:20

    Now on to the audio of the HTC One M8.

  • 15:18

    HTC are today opening up Blinkfeed to developers, and have just announced partnerships with Foursquare and Fitbit. It means your fitness achievements from Fitbit, for example, will now show up in your Blinkfeed feed.

  • 15:17

    A new blinkfeed will allow you to create a custom layout around any product, so you can instantly get articles and tweets based around exactly what you're interested in.

  • 15:16

    Sense 6.0 will allow you to completely personalise your background and layout around colour.

  • 15:16

    Confirmed: The HTC M8 will be launched with the new Sense 6.0 User Interface.

  • 15:15

    We have to admit, it looks so pretty the HTC M8 should consider bringing out its own perfume line. Though structurally it's very similar to the HTC One.

  • 15:14

    Croyle: "We've developed a whole new process to create a phone that both looks and feels amazing. We've polished the metal to a brilliant finish then applied a soft, brushed texture."

  • 15:13

    The back panel of the new HTC M8 will be over 90 per cent metal - don't use it in a lightning storm.

  • 15:13

    And there's the hero shot of the new HTC One M8

  • 15:12

  • 15:12

    Scott Croyle has taken to the stage to talk us through the design.

  • 15:09

    What do you think of the name? For months we thought it was just a codename, and I have to say, as the official moniker it sounds rather odd.

  • 15:09

    CONFIRMED: First smartphone to feature a dual rear camera setup

  • 15:09

    Blair: "Think of it as piece of prime jewellery, or a premium watch."

  • 15:08

    Even though our ear drums have burst, it's official: The HTC One M8 is here!

  • 15:08

    Flipping mental sound here, nearly at the big hero shot moment

  • 15:05

    Well, she would say that wouldn't she...

  • 15:05

    Blair: "The HTC One was the most successful smartphone in HTC's history, and the most awarded smartphone of 2014. It was the best smartphone of last year."

  • 15:04

    Blair: "HTC was building smartphones before most people knew what a smartphone was."

  • 15:02

    Blair introduces HTC's Chairwoman, Cher Wang, to a round of applause.

  • 15:01

    That was a quick 5 minutes! Phill Blair, HTC's president of EMEA has just taken to the stage, announcing that today is the next stage in "HTC's journey to perfection."

  • 14:59

    A disembodied voice has just informed us that it's T-minus 5 minutes until the presentation begins. Stay tuned...

  • 14:59

    But we're not here to talk about water bottles - however nicely branded they are - we're here to talk smartphones. With rumours that we're going to see a brand new Sense UI and a special dual camera designed for 3D photography, this could be a pretty interesting launch.

  • 14:45

    There's more ambient smoke in here than an eighties music video, but the room is filling up as we hit the "half-an-hour-to-go" mark. There's even some snazzy HTC branded water bottles waiting for us on our seats too.

  • 14:44

    We're in!

  • 14:44

  • 14:43

    Wristbands grabbed, stairways ascended, cheeky pints downed and....

  • 14:43

  • 14:41

    The throngs begin to gather outside of Kensington Olympia - pretty sure we're all here for the same reason, though there might be a few wayward souls trying to find the adjoining bathroom refurbishment exhibition

  • 14:40

  • 14:06

    So having seen the the billboard outside the event, my money's now on it actually being dubbed the HTC One M8 - not exactly the snazziest naming in the world, or is that just me?

  • 13:55

    Just about to hop in the queue and try to elbow our way into the big show. Let us know you want to see at 15:00 GMT today by tweeting us @ITProPortal

  • 13:41

    Stuff's about to get heated down here in Kensington Olympia, so make sure you don't miss a beat

  • 13:41

    We's like, there and things, as our mate Ali G would say

  • 13:40

  • 11:43
  • 11:43

    God, this new HTC smartphone is leakier than Edward Snowden paddling down the Thames in a rotting sieve - now a round of (alleged) benchmarks has broken cover

  • 11:16
  • 11:16

    There's plenty still to be discovered though, such as what HTC's new Sense 6.0 UI will look like - the software was also subject to a leak not long ago, albeit a far less official one

  • 11:01
  • 11:00

    Breaking news now as some party pooping Canadian retailer has pretty much spoiled HTC's big day by leaking specs for its new smartphone

  • 10:23
  • 10:22

    Want to know what's really cool? Unlike other handsets, the new HTC One is set to become available immediately after launching later today. Select Carphone Warehouse shops in London (and, hopefully, across the UK) will have the device available to buy from around 16:00 GMT we understand

  • 10:10

    HTC treated us to a final teaser photo via Twitter earlier today - let us know what you're hoping for by heading to @ITProPortal

  • 10:08

  • 10:05
  • 10:05

    To whet your appetite, why not check out the latest All New HTC One video leak?

  • 10:03

    Hello and welcome to out All New HTC One live blog! We're just taking care of a bit of business at ITPP Towers before heading over to Kensington Olympia for today's big smartphone launch.