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Apple’s iOS 8 will see notifications tweaked, and Game Centre given the boot?

More rumours have broken cover concerning what Apple is going to do with iOS 8, and not just what Cupertino is planning on adding, but also dropping.

We've previously heard that iOS 8 will be very much looking towards the burgeoning fitness arena with Healthbook, and that Maps is set for a major revamp, alongside a greater focus on iCloud (and bringing iOS and OS X closer together still, a direction Cupertino has been pushing in for some time now).

9 to 5 Mac has brought us this latest round of speculation, and it has produced a fairly long laundry list of potential tweaks and more major moves.

One of the biggest moves on the subtraction side of the equation is that the Game Centre app is supposedly getting the boot. It hasn't been popular, so Apple is evidently rethinking its positioning, and instead considering moving its functionality inside the games it supports.

The notifications panel may also get a short back and sides, with Cupertino apparently thinking of trimming out the "Missed" notifications view. This would be merged with the "All" notifications view, apparently, with it simply being renamed "Notifications" – and that would be the only view you'd have aside from "Today."

Further tinkering may be done regarding notifications, but sources in the know say that these extras might not be ready in time for iOS 8.

Apple may also be mulling adding a choice to automatically delete old threads in Messages, for users who would rather that threads older than either a month or a year were automatically binned.

Inter-app communication is also being worked on, specifically an API for apps to share data, and CarPlay functionality is set for a tweak to allow it to work over Wi-Fi for iOS 8 (currently in iOS 7 it works over a Lightning cable).

Naturally enough, you can expect all the usual performance tweaks, too. Hopefully iOS 8 won't suffer from the same amount of gremlins iOS 7 did at launch, which caused a number of iPhone users to have something of a flap, and started gossip about iOS 7 being rushed out the door in the end. Apple certainly took its sweet time polishing and getting iOS 7.1 released, that's for sure.