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Dell details advancements in data centre network fabrics and controls

Dell has unveiled new networking solutions that it claims will help its data centre customers deliver a faster and more efficient service in scale-out and cloud-based environments.

The new solutions, which have been unveiled today, include a new Active Fabric Controller as well as efforts to speed up Network Functions Virtualisation [NFV] in order to assist its customers with the changing face of the data centre market.

“Dell is committed to changing the game in networking. As a follow on to our recent Open Networking announcement, I’m excited about demonstrating more innovation in bringing new and open solutions to our customers regardless of size,” said Tom Burns, vice president and general manager, Dell Networking. “We’re extending our leadership in SDN, NFV, and advanced new architectures that maximise customer choice and provide superior economics to the way networking has always been done.”

The Dell Networking Z9500 Fabric Switch is the highest-density fixed-form factor data centre switch that it currently offers with a full suite of L2/L3 routing and switching protocols. It can give three times the density per RU and throughput of over 10tbps with half the latency of Dell’s older generation switches.

Unmatched flexibility, better efficiency and future ready scalability with “pay-as-a-you-go” licensing for 36, 84 and 132 port SKUs makes it ideal for a wide range of workloads.

It has also unveiled a new purpose built SDN platform that has been designed specially to simply and securely configure and deploy networking functionality in cloud and XaaS environments and is known as the Dell Active Fabric Controller.

Targeted at enterprise OpenStack deployments and as an optional addition for Dell OpenStack-powered cloud solutions, it is simple to use and aims to provide a high level of efficiency.

Dell’s NFV efforts, which have resulted in it taking the reigns of the CloudNFV consortium as well as a co-engineering agreement with Red Hat, have also helped its strong position in the cloud-networking sector.

Dell’s Networking Z9500 Fabric Switch will be out in North America in April and worldwide from June whereas the Active Fabric Controller will be released worldwide at some point during Q2 2014. Meanwhile, the Dell-Red Hat OpenStack-based NFV and SDN solutions will be available at some point in 2014.