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Samsung reveals official Galaxy S5 accessories

As you're probably aware, Samsung's Galaxy S5 goes on sale 11 April – two weeks on Friday – and as ever, there will be a range of accessories for the device. Samsung has just spilled the details on some of those in the official line which will be available to buy along with the phone.

First up we have the S-View cover, the flip cover as seen with previous Galaxy models, which will be out in five metallic colours – black, white, green, rose gold and pink – with a faux leather finish.

You can still see notifications through a cut-out window in the front of the case, and there's a peephole in the back for the rear camera, so you can still snap pics with the phone ensconced safely in the case, too. The Galaxy S5 will automatically pick up on the colour of your case as well, and will match up the colour of the UI and background (should you wish).

A wireless charging kit will also be offered, consisting of a compact pad and cover, and a multi-charging cable to allow for those with multiple devices to charge up to three pieces of hardware at once using just the one cable.

Pricing hasn't yet been confirmed for these accessories.

Simon Stanford, VP of IT & Mobile, Samsung UK & Ireland, commented: "We are always looking for new ways to go above and beyond to make sure we're giving our customers the best possible mobile experience, and our Galaxy S5 accessories range is no different. The Galaxy S5 is premium-built to make it the ultimate companion device for our customers in their busy lives, and our new accessories range is perfectly designed to enhance that experience even further."