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A survey has revealed the extent of Big Data's impact on businesses. Take a look at the results

When last surveyed, big data in April 2012, there was a huge amount of hype and a good deal of confusion. Potential users were just waking up to the fact that it wasn't about being crushed under mountains of data, but about extracting meaningful business insight from high volume data. This data may often be from multiple origins, or previously ignored sources, will frequently include unstructured or textual data, and, using new analytic techniques, can produce game-changing results much faster than has previously been possible.

All the signs from the survey are that big data has matured considerably since we last covered it in April 2012. The number of projects has doubled, as has the investment in tools – albeit from a small base. Early users are reporting reasonable levels of success in terms of reliable results, with over half being sufficiently confident in the outcomes to use them in decision making.

Take a look at the results by downloading this whitepaper below.