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BT goes with EE for MVNO services, dropping Vodafone

BT has finalised a deal with EE, with the latter to provide MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) services for BT customers.

This agreement was actually in the offing back in October of last year, but it has now been signed, sealed and delivered.

BT noted in a press release: "The multi-year agreement further strengthens the existing relationship in telecommunications between BT and EE."

There will be a "carefully managed" switchover, in BT's words, from BT's current MVNO provider, which is Vodafone – and customers won't (or shouldn't) see any disruption.

BT provides mobile services to businesses, from small to large enterprises, along with the public sector, and the new agreement will offer access to 2G, 3G and 4G services (4G being EE's particular bag, of course, having got a big head-start on other operators in that arena).

BT also notes that when it comes to consumers, it will be building on its Wi-Fi presence in the UK – leading to whispers that this could be the start of a BT push back into the arena of consumer mobile phones. It's far too early to draw any conclusions yet, though.

EE's strong 4G offerings – which the company is constantly pushing ahead with, and also now catering more to the budget end of the superfast market, as we reported earlier today – is no doubt one of the reasons that BT went with the network.

BT does have its own slice of 4G which it picked up at the UK spectrum auction, but a BT spokesperson told PC Pro that any 4G plans of its own would be complementary to EE's 4G service.