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HTC One M8 becomes second hardest phone to repair ever…after the HTC One

HTC’s new One M8 smartphone is one of the hardest devices to repair on the market and second only to its predecessor when it comes to deconstruction.

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A teardown report by the folks over at iFixit gave the new device a repairability score of two out of 10 due to the plethora of obstacles that HTC places in the way of users trying to explore its inner workings.

The site’s team of technicians found that the One M8 was slightly easier to open than the One, though this gave way to amazement when the outer casing removal revealed just how much copper shielding tape the device was packing.

HTC’s penchant for copper taping was to cover up to 10 cables that connected to motherboard to various parts of the device and each one had to be carefully disconnected before the motherboard could be removed.

One of the biggest gripes that iFixit bemoaned was the fact the 2,600mAh battery was below the motherboard and any replacement will be extremely difficult to carry out due to its placing.

Looking at the motherboard confirmed the existence of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor as well as various other internal components that are listed as part of the device specification.

The worst was saved for last when, after all the previous components had been removed, the team finally got to the display and this means that everything has to be carefully taken apart before a possibly damaged screen can be replaced.

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In giving it two out of 10 on the iFixit repairability scale, the firm explained the main reasons for this were that it’s very difficult to open, the battery is below the motherboard, the display can’t be replaced unless the rear case is removed, and the copper shielding on much of the components is hard to remove and replace.