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Jawbone goes completely wireless on UP24 lifestyle wristband

Jawbone’s latest wireless wristband is on the way with the UP24 bringing a level of wireless syncing that will make it even easier to use the wearable device.

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The USP of the new device is the ability to constantly sync it with a smartphone using the built-in Bluetooth connection and it removes the main gripe with the UP wristband that meant it had to be plugged into a smartphone to download data.

Jawbone has also updated the UP smartphone app so that in addition to tracking your sleep and steps, and providing activity alerts and milestones, it now comes with a unique “Today I Will” notification feature. This provides UP owners with a daily challenge designed to make users fit and healthy and challenges can include anything from water intake and extra hours of sleep to step goals.

The UP24 suffers when it comes to battery life with the life down to seven days from the 10 days of its predecessor, though this is down to the added Bluetooth connectivity.

In terms of compatibility, the new wearable can only be hooked up with Android devices running version 4.3 and above. As far as Apple iOS devices are concerned, the earliest devices the UP24 can be used with are the iPhone 4S, iPod touch fifth gen, iPad third gen, and all iPad Minis.

Jawbone is one of the key beneficiaries of the boom in the wearables sector and it recently completed a further funding round worth $250 million [£150 million] that saw the firm’s value skyrocket to $3.3 billion [£2 billion] and 2013 saw it named one of the top 10 InDemand startups by LinkedIn.

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The UP24 goes is on sale now in 29 countries, coming in three different sizes [small, medium or large], two different colours [Onyx black and Persimmon red], and costs £125.