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PIN code security threatened by mobile rival: Knock

LG will make its Knock Code lock-screen trick available to LG G2 and G Flex owners next month.

First introduced alongside the G Pro 2, G2 Mini, F Series, and L Series devices at this year's Mobile World Congress, the feature will now roll out to earlier LG smartphones as well.

The update is expected sometime in April, though LG did not reveal a specific launch date. Further details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Knock Code allows the user to unlock a device with a pattern of taps rather than a traditional PIN number. The screen is divided into four invisible quadrants, and the user "knocks" anywhere from two to eight times in a specific sequence; access is based on location of the taps, not the rhythm.

And with more than 80,000 possible combinations, LG boasts "a level of security far greater than other devices, even those with fingerprint-recognition systems." Knock Code is also more responsive compared to bio-recognition services, according to the company.

"LG engineers placed a great amount of emphasis on providing users with exceptional security and convenience when developing Knock Code," CEO Dr. Jong-seok Park said in a statement.

An extension of its KnockON feature, Knock Code wakes and unlocks the phone in one step—perfect for the 100-plus times a day people check their phones.

"Making Knock Code accessible to a wider audience is consistent with our direction to differentiate LG mobile devices on the basis of user experience," Park said.