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Number of DevOps engineer jobs in the UK triples in two years

Rackspace has been busy figuring out some statistics concerning employment as a DevOps engineer in the UK, and it's a flourishing field by all accounts.

DevOps, which is short for development and operations – bringing devs and operation teams together for better collaboration and hence a more productive business – has seen numbers of job posts increase by no less than 347 per cent in the UK over the last two years.

Partly, we suspect, because DevOps is one of those really cool sounding buzzwords, one that some folks aren't quite sure of the exact meaning of – but if your company's got one, then surely you're on the up and up...

Salaries have risen on average by 16 per cent as well, and the position of DevOps Engineer has leapt up 222 places in a list of IT jobs that Rackspace cited.

So what is that average salary, you may be wondering? Your typical DevOps bod collects £55,000 per year now, which is up from £47,500 in 2012.

Rackspace also listed the top tech skills required for the role, with Linux skills coming top of the pack, being mentioned in 79 per cent of job ads. Puppet (60 per cent), Chef (47 per cent), Python (44 per cent) and Ruby (42 per cent) followed.

Toby Owen, Head of Technical Product Strategy for Rackspace, commented: "Businesses have never been more interested in DevOps, and how they can be more innovative and agile. DevOps and cloud are strong allies for organisations who are looking to unlock meaningful efficiency gains. As enterprises search for the talent and expertise to build, manage and maintain systems, the DevOps Engineer is one of the hottest jobs out there."