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Three quarters of IT directors disillusioned at data request responses

IT directors are the most dissatisfied group of business decision makers in the UK with a new survey showing that over three quarters aren’t happy at response times when it comes to data requests.

Bull Information Systems polled the UK’s senior business decision makers and found that 84 per cent of IT directors expressed dissatisfaction at the response to data request with 80 per cent of marketing directors expressing the same sentiments.

“It’s revealing that IT and marketing are worse affected,” adds Carr. “Both have a growing need for big data and high performance analytics. IT departments use data to prioritise where they should focus to support the company’s growth and reassert their own value to the enterprise. Marketing departments increasingly use statistics to develop brand strategy and gain greater insight into the behaviour of customers and prospects. Yet, it seems many organisations either don’t understand or are failing to deliver on these requirements.”

Data requests and analytics are made on a daily basis with four in every ten stating that they or their department makes one of these requests on a daily basis, and 59 per cent of respondents request a report at least once a week.

The IT infrastructure is seen as the biggest barrier to a company exploiting internal data for the organisation’s wellbeing. 44 per cent of IT directors stated that this was the case whereas 24 per cent of HR directors also cited this.

When the data is received the quality is regularly not up to scratch, 56 per cent admitting that it is not highly accurate and 22 per cent saying it was ‘fairly accurate.’

On the whole 66 per cent of business decision makers stated they were not satisfied with the organisation’s responsiveness to requests for data analytics and as the importance of big data grows companies will have to find new ways to cater for business decision makers.