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BT overtakes EE to become most complained about broadband provider

Ofcom's latest report on complaints against landline, mobile, TV and broadband providers has brought some bad news for BT, which is now the most moaned about ISP in the latter category, taking over from EE.

However, EE hasn't exactly got much to crow about either, coming in second worst for fixed broadband, and with its two constituent companies performing badly in the mobile figures.

BT topped fixed broadband complaints with a figure of 0.32 complaints per 1000 customers in Q4 of 2013, followed by EE on 0.29. TalkTalk, always the clear leader in this category a couple of years back, was next with 0.21, and both Sky and Virgin Media did well with 0.08 and 0.07 respectively.

BT grumbled about its major fibre expansion causing issues, and therefore complaints – but Virgin Media has also been expanding rapidly on the fibre front, and has seen complaints steadily decrease in recent times.

In terms of mobile operator complaints, EE did badly with Orange topping the list on 0.12, and T-Mobile on 0.11. Virgin Mobile wasn't too far behind on 0.07, though, with Vodafone on 0.05, and both Three and O2 on 0.03.

In pay TV complaints, BT was well out ahead on 0.31, compared to TalkTalk on 0.19, Virgin on 0.04 and Sky on 0.02.

TalkTalk did manage to top one category, the most complained about landline provider, with 0.27 complaints per thousand customers – so things are still far from great at the company in the overall picture. BT was second on 0.20, with Sky on 0.09, and Virgin on 0.06.

The overall industry average for complaints has improved, though, which is definitely good news. Only complaints for mobile PAYG services didn't manage to decrease compared to Q3 of 2014, with the amount staying the same.

Claudio Pollack, Director of Ofcom's Consumer Group, said: "This report acts as a significant incentive to providers to work to address issues driving complaints and deliver an improved quality of service to their customers."

"We're committed to giving consumers valuable information to help them choose a provider that best suits their needs. Consumer complaints also help us to identify where enforcement action is needed and ensure that providers comply with our rules."