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Following the HTC One M8 launch, HTC president slings mud at “cheap plastic” Samsung Galaxy S5

The president of HTC America has come out with some fighting talk regarding the Android heavyweight showdown between the new HTC One M8 and upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 – the latter of which he accused of being a "cheap plastic" phone.

As you're doubtless aware, HTC launched its new M8 earlier this week, and as we've pointed out, it really is a thing of beauty in terms of the build quality. HTC has removed all the hard edges on the phone, plumping for smooth curves instead, and giving it a smooth finish too – it's beautiful to hold, as well as to look at.

It improves on last year's HTC One, even, with was already lauded for its superior build over its main rival, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Now, ahead of the S5's launch in mid-April, HTC America President Jason Mackenzie has driven the point home.

In an interview with Business Insider, Mackenzie said about the S5: "If you want to buy a product built out of cheap plastic, there's a solution for you. But we're going after a different customer, someone who wants the best."

Of course, as we're all aware, last year's HTC One saw plenty of critical acclaim, but the S4 won the battle of the sales figures by a country mile. Mackenzie delivered further barbs concerning Samsung's success, saying that it was mainly down to splashing lots of cash on marketing.

He noted: "We're a company that invests in our customers and delivers a beautifully designed product that you can feel proud of. Samsung is a company that's focused on investing in advertising."

Rumours around the Galaxy S5 speculated that Samsung was going to go for a metal finish this time around, but the company has stuck with the plastic once again – and it's true enough that this doesn't give the handset a particularly premium feel.

But while the HTC One M8 certainly has its strengths compared to the S5 – build quality definitely being one of them, especially this time around – that Galaxy marketing and hype juggernaut is going to be a hard one to derail.

Look out for our reviews of both of these phones soon, when we'll fully be able to call out the differences between them.

Meantime, check out our closer look at the differences between the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8.