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Ford gifts AppyParking prize for helping Londoners find free parking

AppyParking, a free app developed by UK startup Yellow Parking Line, beat out competition from upwards of 100 other entrants to be crowned winner of the Traffic Tamer App Challenge and in the process received a £6,500 prize.

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The app works on the premise that most drivers in London miss free parking spots due to having no idea how the city’s parking system works and the confusion that stems from the fact that rules change from one borough to the next.

“Trying to find a parking space in a city can be a nightmare and AppyParking provides a single source of information covering all possible parking restrictions to save time for drivers and reduce congestion,” said Venkatesh Prasad, senior technical leader of open innovation at Ford, according to Tech World. “Most of the successful entries were freshly created for the challenge and any one of them has the potential to play a significant part in tackling traffic congestion.”

AppyParking also lets drivers see parking maps of the entire city, pay the congestion charge and find electric charging stations as well as spaces that are reserved for disabled badge holders.

“Working with companies like Ford is very exciting for developers and winning the Traffic Tamer App Challenge will really help put AppyParking on the map,” said Dan Hubert, one of the app’s founders. “We've had a fantastic download rate with a really high percentage of returning users for our iOS version so we're really excited about launching for Android soon and further developing the app.”

Ford revealed that 40 per cent of those that entered the competition used the OpenXC platform that lets developers draw on over 20 streams of data from Ford vehicles including GPS coordinates and whether the car’s lights or wipers are on.

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Second place in the competition went to taxi-sharing service Bandwagon and the bronze medal to route-finder Best Route, whereas the Large Organisation Recognition was awarded to Should I Take My Car? AppyParking also took home the Popular Choice going whereas the OpenXC Integration Prize was awarded to Best Route.